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Key Funnel

People who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease (or another dexterity-impairing condition) often have trouble with everyday tasks that require the use of their hands. Simple things like brushing teeth, writing, and using silverware can be quite challenging.

The Key Funnel can serve as a simple solution to one of the many small struggles people with Parkinson’s face by aiding them in guiding keys into keyholes.

How the Key Funnel works is quite simple. As the name suggests, it’s a funnel. On the side of the Funnel facing away from the door is a large opening. The funnel tapers to a smaller opening, which lies against the keyhole. With the large opening, it’d be much easier to insert the key. The tapered design would then guide the key toward the keyhole.

The latest design concept incorporates a silicone sleeve that would fasten around the doorknob. The purpose of the sleeve is to to both attach the Funnel to the knob and to act as a grip to aid in turning the knob. More improvements are on the way.

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